Howdy.  Welcome to Voodoo Catbox Rock ‘n Roll Poster Extravaganza!  We make crap you really don’t need, but we hope you enjoy these original screen printed posters & other art offerings.


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13th Annual Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction - 13th Annual OMHF Induction happens this Saturday October 12 at 7pm at the Aladdin Theater! Enjoy great performances by Pond, Sequel & more, and celebrate the talented local artists joining ... Read more
Robert Hunter (1941-2019) - We’d like to acknowledge the passing of Robert Hunter, a master of his craft. A true wordsmith, both gracious and feisty. Walk that jingle bell rainbow, knowing that you’re at ... Read more
What makes a poster “hand-cut”? - Ever heard of Rubylith? It’s pretty neat stuff! Check out this video of artist Gary Houston using Rubylith to create hand-cut color separations for his original silkscreen posters! Each design ... Read more